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We are a web development company based in Belgrade. Our main goal is to make life easier for users of world wide web by making and constantly improving intuitive, practical software in the domain of accounting. We use proved ways of thinking of generations of norwegian cleverness and wit to get the most out of new technological era. Thats why the office opens with sunrise and closes when we all leave it.

Be it that we are working through a deadline or playing games the office is working when there is someone inside. A lot of laughs and good food is what marks most days. We try to put our focus on eye to eye contact thats why we all come to the office at the same time.

In the past years people in the office went through many challenges like conquering icy peaks of the norweigan glaciers and successfully swimming against the waves of humid temperatures of southeast Asia. That merged a group of strangers into a family and we plan to keep it that way. We want to make Software That Thinks.

Intuitive, practical software in the domain of accounting

We try to put our focus on eye to eye contact thats why we all come to the office at the same time.

We merged a group of strangers into a family

Big ideas

Fakturabank is an online invoicing platform.

It allows you to upload and store your invoices online and access them whenever you want, from any machine with an internet connection. Among it’s many features is the ability to prepare the documents for accounting and pay your invoices directly from the app.

It communicates on many levels with Danske bank and DNB, the norwegian bank and has open communication with send regning bank servers in Norway. It is fully integrated with Lodo and together they form a team that makes your money handling takes much less space on your time and money priority list.

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Lodo is an accounting package full stack application written in php.

It covers all the aspects of accounting business and its design, although not so modern looking, offers intuitive guiding to the user throughout the process. Whether you are an accountant or regular Joe, Lodo will deliver speed and simplicity in your month to month handling of expenses and incomes.

It is made specifically for Norwegian market and integrated with EU and Norwegian financial laws thus giving the user much less space to do something wrong.

When combined with Fakturabank, the hardest part of the accounting on a monthly and yearly basis becomes scanning the documents, and after that everything goes smoothly all the way to the government.

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Viking typing was made with one single idea in mind, to test and train people to type numbers fast and with perfect precision.

As an accountant, most of the time is spent in adding, multiplying and doing operations with numbers in general. It is imperative with that in mind, to be able to type those numbers fast and with absolute confidence in your skills.

We are certain that you will achieve that and more if you go through all the modes in viking typing ranging from simple numbers and operations to iban and bank numbers, and the scoring system is made in such way that the only thing that is worth more points than speed is precision.

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